Company History

We are competent in providing IT Infrastructure Services and software development

Linkxol is a software development company that has grown from a small group of passionate engineers and business managers to a full-scale software development company with over 50 in-house developers, designers, QA engineers, and project managers. We successfully completed over 70 projects for our clients from 20+ countries around the globe (including a number of long-term clients in the PAKISTAN, Europe and Australia).

With vast experience in the IT industry, LINKXOL continues to serve its customer’s needs by providing scalable, reliable and secure technology solutions. We are aware of your investment and we are committed to bring you the highest quality of information technology solutions along with quality support. Regardless of your industry or requirements, LINKXOL delivers consistently high quality Software IT solutions and excellent service.

Meet The Team

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Engr. CH. Mohsin Bajwa


I've been working with many startups and established companies throughout my years in the IT. I've learned to outline and fulfill their needs and demands, select professionals, assemble and manage remote teams, build project-oriented work processes and adjust them to the businesses of our Clients.

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Arslan Siddique

.NET Team Leader

Software development, just like construction works, requires careful planning, thorough preparations, and meticulous execution.

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Victoria Palchyk

Mobile Team Leader

For every business goal there is an optimal tech solution. We are here to build it for you.

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Tahir Raza

Web Team Leader

Creating something tangible is more than just a job – it's a lifestyle.

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Arfa Fatima

UI/UX Design Group Leader

When fashion is valued over reason, design comes out flawed.

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Amit Varma

QA Group Leader

We are your partner, not just a service provider. We take your challenges and problems as our own, and we solve them.

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Muhammad Naeem

Business Development Manager

Business development is all about partnerships, so I am passionate to build new connections and explore fresh business opportunities.


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